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Healthcare Cybersecurity Solutions and PHI Protection

Secure PHI, stop fraud, and reduce impacts to patient care caused by cybersecurity vulnerabilities and breaches

Protect Healthcare Data and Operations with F5

The frequency of healthcare data breaches has surged twofold within the last three years, resulting in the exposure of more than 51 million healthcare records in 2022. These breaches typically incur costs that exceed $10 million each, encompassing expenses related to cleanup, regulatory fines, and legal actions. That’s why F5 is deployed in 12 of the top 20 U.S. hospitals, mitigates 1 billion automated attacks per day, and each day protects 150 million legitimate logins.

Bot Management Solutions

Bots automate repetitive tasks, raise brand awareness, and engage users early in their digital journey. But in the wrong hands, bots can be used to compromise user accounts—leading to account takeover and fraud. Counteract malicious bots with a sophisticated bot management solution that uses machine learning to adapt to attackers’ tactics as they evolve.

Online Fraud Prevention

A healthcare system needs portals and applications to provide services, perform diagnostics, run the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), and transfer payments with integrity. The applications must be protected to keep the system secure for all who rely on it to deliver care—and to protect every payer, provider, and patient from account takeover and fraud.

Access and Authorization

Healthcare organizations use multiple methods to verify that users are who they say they are—and legitimate users are put through the paces to prove it. This creates friction at login, leading to frustration and possible abandonment of service. As the traffic volume of your application rises, so does the friction to catch malicious attacks. Learn how to reduce that friction.

Secure APIs and Third-Party Integrations

Securely manage APIs across any data center or cloud using a simple, fast, and scalable multi-cloud architecture.

Mitigate Application Vulnerabilities

How well you protect your apps can make all the difference. Get app protection in any architecture that stands up to a range of ever-evolving attack types.

Enhance Healthcare Security Today

Protect patient data, prevent fraud, and safeguard critical healthcare operations with F5's advanced cybersecurity solutions.

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