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F5 Networks

F5 VELOS Hardware Chassis and Blades

Gives you the agility and scale of modern architectures

VELOS, F5’s next-generation hardware solution, bridges traditional and modern architectures to deliver agility, performance, and investment protection for established and emerging applications.

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VIPRION Platform

Bridge Traditional and Modern Architectures

ITOps automation

VELOS shortens time to market for new applications by automating operations and offering customization with full stack programmability. Delight developers and drive application development and delivery agility by enabling faster response times. VELOS automates your app services by implementing onboarding, configuration, telemetry streaming, and application deployments in minutes lowering OpEx.

  • Automate Application Deployments - Deploy in minutes with automation toolchain onboarding and configuration, and telemetry streaming to third-party analytics. Automate app services with FAST templates.

Cloud migration on-ramp

You’ll shorten time to market for new applications by automating network operations and implementing an on-ramp to your cloud strategy with VELOS’ scale and full stack programmability. With F5, you’ll deploy configurations in conformity across on-premises and cloud environments, dramatically reducing TCO with VELOS systems and extend commercial models as you migrate from hardware to software and cloud.

  • On-Demand Scalability, Full Stack Programmability - You’ll ease the transition to cloud and lower operating costs as you shift workloads, scale on-premises and in cloud, avoiding time-consuming heavily refactored apps.

Business continuity

As you journey to next-gen, API-first architecture, you’re ensured business continuity by driving consistent policies across F5 on-prem hardware platforms. You’ll future proof your solution investments by running multiple BIG-IP software versions for side-by-side application services migration and moving applications to next generation of BIG-IP at your own pace.

  • Consistent Policies and Multi-Tenancy - Future proof your investments by running multiple versions of BIG-IP software side by side, plan migration, and ensure consistency across platforms.

Service provider 5G edge

F5 VELOS hardware provides edge security and enables DDoS mitigation required for an edge-based platform. 5G-ready DDoS mitigation is enabled in an always-on (in-line) configuration, allowing better performance than a traffic-redirect solution. VELOS scales to ensure high-performance security for the 5G forwarding plane that requires the use of high-performance hardware.

  • 5G Edge Infrastructure with VNFs and App Delivery - Provides a high-performance security solution that protects the network from core to edge and can flexibly scale throughout the transition to 5G.